Concertina World #460 – December 2014


1 Netherlands Concertina players
1 Christmas wish
2 Index
3 Editorial
4 Some thoughts by the editor
7 Internet Video Jukebox
8 Interview Pauline de Snoo
14 So you know your concertina? But what is inside? Quiz
15 cd review by Paul Walker
17 Concertinas are cool! On facebook.
19 Tenth anniversary Arran Concertina Event
22 Concertina Clowns 3. Charlie Rivel
28 Yearly concertina events in and outside UK
32 Membership renewal 2015
34 Photo impression Concertinas at Witney


Centre magazine 8 pages music supplement; contributed by Peter Dyson, Michel van der Meiren and Paul Walker


Pauline de Snoo, Dave Elliott, Peter Dyson, Helen Graham, Martin Henshaw, Valmai Goodyear, Göran Rahm and Paul Walker.