Concertina World #459 – September 2014


1 Parade’s End
2 Index
3 Editorial
4 AGM and reports from officers ICA
9 AGM 18 October details
12 Connie and Conrad visit Hawkwood
15 cd review by Peter Dyson
16 cd review by Paul Walker
18 Internet Video Jukebox
19 My University Course
22 Obituary Ron Marks
23 Douce’s Free Reed Instrument Patent
26 WCCP weekend October 2014
28 Jody Kruskal workshop 15 November
30 For Sale


Centre magazine 8 pages music supplement; contributed by Jeremy Hague, librarian of  the ICA.


John Adey, Les Branchett, Pauline de Snoo, Johan de With, Peter Dyson, Bill Finnegan, Anne Gregson, Roger Gawley, Valmai Goodyear, Jeremy Hague, Robert Harvey, Paul Walker, Claire Wren.