J25 puts Concertina Band back on the map

A class for free-reed instruments was re- introduced for the 100th season of the Taunton Music and Drama Festival after a lapse of a couple of decades. On Tuesday 12th November 2013 J25 Concertina Band was delighted to participate.


Playing two contrasting pieces – Jamie’s Patrol by Sidney Dacre and The Boat on the Clear Sea by Claire Wren, J25 demonstrated a “full orchestral texture” in the opinion of the adjudicator Colin Touchin. He commented on the good balance, well prepared dynamics, clarity of individual lines and sensitive playing. He awarded the band a Certificate of Distinction for “excellent performance technically and artistically”. The organisers of the festival were so excited to be able to re-introduce this class after our enquiry and J25 was delighted to be there. J25 has certainly put concertina band back on the Taunton Festival map and plan a return visit next year.

J25 meets monthly in Taunton. Players travel considerable distances on account of unashamed addiction to concertina band. For further information about J25 performance and recruitment please contact Claire Wren wren658@btinternet.com