PICA Volume 5, 2008

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Pages 1 and 2Title pages
Page 3 Contents
Pages 5 to 19Articles:
Sandra Kerr’s English Concertina Workshops at the
Australian National Folk Festivals, 2000 and 2003
Pages 20 to 53Tommy Elliott and the Musical Elliotts
Pages 54 to 56Picture Gallery:
An Early Wheatstone ‘Open Pallet’ Concertina from
Charles Wheatstone’s Collection
Pages 57 to 61William and Marjorie Hurlstone
Page 62 Historical Document:
Charles Wheatstone on the Police Blotter
Pages 63 to 76Review-essays:
The Clare Set: Free Reed Reissues Classic Clare Concertina Recordings
Monumental but Hardly Definitive
Pages 77 to 92English International: A History of the English Concertina in Sound
Pages 93 to 95Masters of the Concertina – Gordon Cutty, Tommy Williams
The Whirligig of Time – Steve Turner Out of the Box – Will Duke
Pages 96 and 97Briefly Noted:
Free and Squeezy: The New Web Catalogue at the Horniman Museum
Pages 98 to 100Contributors