Concertina in the Low Countries, 11 August 2012: Retrospective

For most of the participants of the workshop and the audience at the concert this was a first time experience with a concertina workshop and a chance to meet other enthusiasts.

As one of them let us know: “I really learned a lot both from the actual workshop and from talking to the other participants. The relaxed and knowledgeable approach by Alex made it a wonderful experience. She was an excellent choice and was able to manage a very mixed group of clearly experienced players and beginners (such as me). It was a real treat.

The presence of Harry Geuns and the final concert were the icing on the cake of a wonderful day. I am really hoping there will be more chances in the future to bring Dutch (and Belgian) concertina players together and learn and play together. There are obviously but very few possibilities in the low lands.

Thanks to the International Concertina Association for having made this workshop possible.

See the clips for an impression of workshops and mini concerts….. Alex is one of the rare tutors who not only plays folk and classical music on concertina but also teaches very well.

And a photo of the trio together with Alex:

Johan Verbeek, Michel van der Meiren, Pauline Snoo, Alex Wade

To see all the clips, visit ICA on YouTube and join us there.