Concertina World #446: the Links

Concertinas in Japan
Mipo/Macky’s playing

Mipo/Macky’s playing and Miho’s art work

Concertinas at Witney

More details on the enclosed leaflet and the website:

Interview Tom Cunliff

Werner Icking Music Library:

Steve Turner: (click on Steve’s Music)

Simon Thoumire orchestra:

Tom’s Website:

John Kirkpatrick “The Dance of the Demon Daffodils”

For the latest news and John’s gig listing, go to In North America, you can buy the CD from The Button Box or from Elderly Instruments.<>

Dugald McNeill

Dugald McNeill made a number of recordings on the Beltona label, see

Steel Skies With Alistair Anderson

Lewes Saturday Folk Club, Elephant & Castle, White Hill, Lewes BN7 2DJ
Contact: Valmai Goodyear, 20, St. John’s Terrace, Lewes BN7 2DL UK, 01273 476757

Maidstone Music Festival

The full syllabus is available at

Next Hawkood Concertina Band Weekend

Contact: Jenny Cox,

Spare Parts Concertina Sessions

Crawley Folk Festival, Sussex, 25th.-27th. June,
Folkstation, Isle of Wight 9th. – 11th. July,
Whitby Folkweek, Yorkshire, 21st.- 27th. August,
Tenterden Folk Festival, Kent, 30th. September – 3rd. October,
Valmai Goodyear:

My University Music Course – Anne Gregson

Corrie, the local violin maker playing one of my tunes:

Bruce Thomson’s Continuous Reporting on his Learning Progress

My ability so farAshokan FarewellThe Little FishThe Grey Funnel Line

Ballad of Ben Hall,the words:

Make and Break HarbourDevil’s Dream

The Port of Amsterdam’ by Jacques Brel:

Jacques Brel song La Chanson des Vieux Amants

Redhaired BoyAshokan Farewell.

The Punch Brothers’:

Steve Algar at Barleycorn:

Folding stool

Press Release: Jump at the Sun

Available from Quarry House Publishing, email:

AGM Saturday 6 November 2010 in Nottingham – Email ICA secretary:


Reg Hall’s book “I Never Played to Many Posh Dances”: