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Concertinas in Japan

On my first night I found myself in The Hartford Café, an Aladdin’s cave of vinyl in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Prompted by a photo of my Wheatstone the owner, Mr Yanagisawa, disappeared behind the bar and emerged triumphantly with a John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris album. This was followed by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger’s “Manchester Angel” and “A Tale of Ale”, a Free Reed recording of British drinking songs. Continue reading

Concertina World #446 – June 2010

CW 446 cover


1 Index
2 Editorial
3 Concertinas in Japan
6 Swaledale Squeeze 2010
9 Interview Tom Cunliff
15 CD review
16 Dugald McNeill
17 Lewes Folk Club (A.Anderson)
18 Maidstone Music Festival
19 Hawkwood Concertina Band 2011
20 Spare Parts Concertina Sessions
21 Getting There (poem)
22 My University Music Course
24 Learning to play the concertina (Bruce Thomson)
35 Jump at the Sun, tune book
36 Annual General Meeting 6 November 2010
37 Errata

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