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Three Blind Mice

To increase the number of scales available to the player – the “Three Blind Mice” exercise was evolved to challenge and extend the player – and to encourage the use of ALL the buttons on the instruments.

Three Blind Mice is an interesting tune – it covers the complete scale and covers most of the simple note values. The exercise was devised to be circular – play through the “sharp” keys and then through the “flat” keys – if still sane – keep going until the mind rebels!

The things we discovered with this exercise – how easy the key of E is to play in – and how difficult it is not to play F# in the “flat” keys.

Download the Three Blind Mice excercise.

Podcast: David Gardiner


One of the many privileges of being the ICA Librarian is to distribute and discuss music with members from across the world. In recent weeks I have been corresponding with concertina players in the USA, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, France, Italy and the UK.

I am particularly pleased that David Gardiner from New Zealand, kindly accepted my invitation to discuss and play extracts from one his favourite pieces from the library – the Intermezzo from Pietro Mascagni’s one act opera Cavelleria Rusticana. Premiered in 1890, this popular work is set in Sicily and tells a passionate story of love, betrayal, jealously and death!

The arrangement is made by Henry Stanley, a prolific music arranger for the concertina, who during the 1940’s and 1950’s made hundreds of beautiful hand written arrangements for players on request.

On the link below you can hear, David play some extracts from the piece. Wonderfully expressive, this is only a glimpse of what’s to come as David’s full version will be available on the forthcoming CD Duet International – which we all look forward to.


David Gardiner on the Intermezzo from Cavelleria Rusticana

A copy of this music for Duet is available at

And a brand new arrangement of the piece for English Concertina by Stephen Taggart is available to ICA members by emailing librarian – and lots more music too.