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Ninety Three Not Out (Will Atkinson)

I discovered this wonderful morris tune in the Concertina World Music Supplement 435. This supplement is almost entirely dedicated to the music of William Atkinson, born at Crookham, Northumberland in 1908. He died in 2003, after spending great many years in the company of Alistair Anderson.
One of the most known compositions of Mr. Atkinson is the Glen Aln Hornpipe. Ninety Three Not Out is a morris tune, so a lot slower than a jig. As a beginner on the English concertina, I quickly found out that the notes come out incredibly naturally. In fact, it’s very hard to stop playing it once you’ve started. The chords on this sheet come from the accordeon player of the Belgian folk trio (fiddle, accordeon, bass) I play double bass in.

Download the .pdf file of the tune.

Happy playing.

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