Don’t Squeeze Alone

Don’t squeeze alone — join the Association — and get Concertina World magazine with its music supplement!

The International Concertina Association was founded over 50 years ago and works to promote the music and playing of the various forms of concertina.

Membership is worldwide, and growing, and musical interests cover a wide range from classical, through jazz, folk, religious, and Cajun! All ages and playing ability levels are represented, and anyone who enjoys hearing about the activities of other players, learning about gatherings of fellow enthusiasts, sources of music (recorded or written), courses, and much, much more will benefit from membership.

The ICA has an extensive library, available to members, and a lively quarterly newsletter, “Concertina World” acts as the mouthpiece for the members. Contributions are welcomed (the editor would love to hear from you).

Various concertina-related events have been sponsored by the ICA, including Concertinas at Witney, Kilve Weekend, the Swaledale Squeeze, and the gathering in the nostalgic setting of the Mexborough Concertina Band Club. Individual young players are also sponsored, via bursary awards towards tuition at Concertinas at Witney and the Durham Folkworks Summer School, and a grant to the Hope Valley Squeezebox Project aimed at encouraging the future generation of concertina players to take part in a structured learning activity.

We have an Internet mailing list exclusively for members of the ICA and, of course, this web site. Most of the mainland UK is within 2-3 hours drive of a regular meeting for players — the ICA can help you find one near your home! Several key folk festivals offer concertina workshops. So why not join us now and find out more about concertina events?