In this part of the site we have links to the sites of members of the ICA. Some of the sites have a lot of information about concertinas and the people who play them, as you would expect. Others have nothing at all about concertinas, but are interesting anyway (concertina players are, by and large, an interesting bunch).

For your convenience, we have divided up the links into two sections: sites that are primarily about concertinas or have a high content of concertina-related material, and sites that have no or low concertina content. Have fun browsing around this lot!

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Concertina-related sites 
concertinajournal.orgThis is the successor of the website which also still exists but is no longer updated. the updates are now on this new website. It is also a successor for the previous magazine PICA (see elsewhere on this website)
concertina.comThe Concertina Library: Digital Reference Collection for Concertinas : Documents for the study of English, Anglo, and Duet concertinas, including history, instruction books, sheet music, patents, technical papers, rare periodicals, and new research articles. A comprehensive free guide by fourteen leading concertina scholars, mostly ICA members. Developed by Robert Gaskins from his Maccann Duet web site.
concertina.netThis is probably the most popular and comprehensive concertina site on the Net, including an online discussion forum. Built and maintained by Paul Schwartz.
concertina.infoThe home of the Concertina FAQ, maintained by ICA committee member Chris Timson – the second most popular concertina site on the Net!
concertina.nlHome page of the very able Dutch English concertina player Pauline de Snoo. It describes her new tutor for the English concertina, which has been garnering some very favourable comment.
concertina-academy.comAlso from Pauline de Snoo, this site concentrates on tuition and other academic aspects of the concertina.
concertinaconnection.comMaker of the Geuns-Wakker concertinas, restoration of vintage concertinas, music publisher. These people have a long history of support for and involvement with the concertina. site for the well-known concertina repair guru Dave Elliott, which he is developing into a technical resource on concertinas.
Suttner ConcertinasJürgen Suttner – Hand Crafted Concertinas, located in Siegen, Germany by Neil Wayne, Free Reed is a long-standing name in the concertina world.
pghardy.netPaul Hardy’s site has several pages about his Wheatstone, Lachenal, and Case English concertinas.
maccann-duet.comRobert Gaskins’ MacCann Duet web site is now part of the Concertina Library (see above)
mcneelamusic.comMcNeela Instruments. Traditional Irish instruments and concertinas, hand-made instruments, Dublin.
Other members’ sites trio, AJAR, based in Nottingham, includes long standing ICA member, Juliet Woodin. playing Jeffries C/G and Bb/F, and Wheatstone baritone Anglos.
beerfordbury.comThe web site for Stortfolk Music Club, a club in Bishops Stortford. is an educational charity operating in the field of traditional music, dance and song. The organisation was formed in 1988 by Northumbrian musician and ICA president Alistair Anderson.
ferrette-morris.orgFerrette Morris is the first and so far only Morris side in France. Their band consists solely of ICA member Jonathan Taylor. member Jochen Riemer plays duet concertina, Chemnitzer concertina, guitar and ukelele as a member of the German folk band Hampelmuse. This site (in German) will tell you all about them. Arms Folk/workshps.htmlThe webpage for the Saturday workshops organised by the Lewes Arms Folk Club which show a distinct concertina bias (hardly surprising with Bryan Creer’s involvement). is the web site for the band Pierrot, who include in their lineup ICA member Peter Barnard City Giants – two processional Catalan Giants, belonging to the City of Sheffield, and representing War (the male) and Peace (the lady) whose band includes at least 3 concertina players – including Gill Noppen-Spacie, ICA Newsletter Editor. Spot them at Folk Festivals and community events both in the UK and overseas. At 15 feet tall these are no shrinking violets! Traditional Arts Team organises activities in the Midlands relating to traditional storytelling, song and music. ICA member Pam Bishop is one of its founder members. Clogs is a ladies’ Northwest Morris side. The band contains three concertina players, including John Wild (former ICA Treasurer).